Stainless Flashlight Holder


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Flashlight holster for MAG-LITE and Streamlight and similar. One of our best flashlight holsters. Stainless steel ring accomodates large MAG-LITE or similar sized light. Stainless steel snap has a bent wire gate for reliable opening and closing and swivels for a more secure connection. Elastic cord secures the light in place until you need to remove it - give it a pull and it comes right out. Great for camping, police, fire rescue, tactical, security, or just to hang in the garage for an emergency. LEGAL DISCLAIMER: MAG-LITE and MINI MAGLITE are trademarks of Mag Instrument, Inc., as are the distinctive shape, style and overall appearance of the Mini-Maglite flashlight and the circumferential inscription around the face caps of all of Mag Instrument flashlights. Mag Instrument flashlights are shown on this web site for illustration only. Cetacea Corporation is not affiliated with Mag Instrument, Inc.

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