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Snap Pin-Mount


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Product Description

Stainless Steel Pin-Mount w/BC Clip Plastic Snap with Stainless Pin Mount
Precision machined stainless steel screw pin
Knurled pin grip with 4 finger-tip grooves
One piece plastic loop key clip
Injection molded plastic
100% rust-proof
Made in the USA


Plastic Snap with Stainless Pin Mount
This key clip features a plastic loop hook with closer tab for quick slip on / slip off for your keys. Using the stainless Pin Mount, simply press and screw the pin grip through your bag's fabric or webbing (preferred), position the base mount on the fabric and spin the base mount onto the pin grip.

These precision crafted pin mounts mean easy attachment for a handy key ring. Now you can hang your keys onto any bag we make. Mount it to the inside lip of a pocket on our backpacks, carry on bags, briefcases. Or attach to the webbing on a strap - should you not want to poke a hole in your bag!

Not just for bags, the Pin Mount Key Clip can also be attached to belts, pants, work coats, and so on. Secure your keys, yet still have quick access. Also good for attaching tools, flash lights, knives, anything with a key ring, lanyard or 1/4" hole. Tested tough by divers under harsh oceanic conditions.

Mounting Instructions:

1. Grasp pin grip, turn left to unwind, remove pin grip from base mount. CAREFUL! Pin is quite sharp!

2. Position base mount where you want to mount your key clip. Screw pin through backside of material, then screw pin onto base mount. Flip base over so key loop hangs with opening pointing outwards. Tighten screw pin firmly in place on backside. If tab is above hook, push tab on loop hook sideways until it pops under the hook on the loop.

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